Global Business Support (GBS) represents European machine tool manufacturers offering the most advanced and automated technologies in their respective industries. Our Technology Providers (Principals) are established leaders in their industries and offer highly innovative technology solutions. Our Principals take great pride in their products and are very well known for their European craftsmanship and quality. A proven, cost-effective and results-oriented business strategy brings together our North American customers with world-leading international technologies. These new technologies have empowered our customers to realize greater production efficiencies and increased competitiveness. Our multi-cultural background and business expertise makes us effective facilitators between North American manufacturers and world-class machine tool and technology providers and their production facilities. Our global expertise is highly beneficial to both our Customers and Technology Providers…learn-more-but2

  • Innovation
  • Unique and advanced technologies
  • Excellence in quality and craftsmanship
  • Long term market leaders

Technology Providers

We represent machine tool, inspection lighting and prototype to production manufacturers in NAFTA markets – read more

Our Strategy

Our proven, cost-effective, results-oriented business strategy brings our NAFTA customers together with leading, global technologies… read more

Technology Users

The technologies we offer will help you increase your manufacturing productivity and competitive edge in a dynamic global market place… – read more

Our Team

Our staff offers a unique set of multi-cultural personal, language and business skills… – read more