GBS and its Technology Providers committed to continued improvement of highest quality standards.

Together with our long-term partner Schleifstein Maschinentechnik GmbH (SMT) we are fully committed to help our customers with the improvement of surface quality issues with our industry leading technologies. SMT and GBS continue to provide surface treatment equipment with a specific focus on automotive ‘class A’ press shops. Recently installed coil- and blank washers at Chrysler facilities in Mexico are generating highest levels of surface cleanliness in the industry. Recent surface particle measurements at these facilities confirm that each and every blank entering the transfer press is super clean. These super clean surfaces combined with SMT’s re-oiler (spray lubrication system) deliver the optimum conditions for consistent stamping quality yielding highest productivity. Original Equipment Manufacturers and Tier One Suppliers in Europe, the Americas, and Asia today are using SMT washers or brush cleaners in combination with re-oilers.

In partnership with Oligo Surface Controls we continue our mission to improve surface inspection reliability for automotive (surface) production from press shops to final vehicle inspection facilities. Oligo Surface Controls has set the industry’s standards for maximizing the detection of surface failures on stamped, primed and finish polish surfaces. Expensive repairs later are avoided and the root cause of surface imperfections can be analyzed and eliminated. Oligo Surface Controls capabilities have been studied and implemented at Volkswagen facilities, where the companies inspection lighting systems are the designated ‘standard’ for Volkswagen facilities worldwide. Ford 6 Sigma Team have analyzed and compared our systems with competitors and Ford in-house systems. These comparative studies and their results came to prove significant surface quality improvements and generated large cost savings for our customers.

Together with our Technology Providers we are committed to highest quality standards!