Over the years Global Business Support and its Technology Providers have implemented a multitude of projects in our focus industries. We continue to identify and market the synergies between our Technology Providers (Principals). Our Principals can now serve the same industries and benefit from the increased sales and name recognition of Global Business Support. Product synergies allow our Technology Providers to participate in the marketing of complete turnkey solutions of modular systems. Our GBS extensive business partner networks will assist a North American Manufacturer to easily find the state-of-the-art and cost effective technology solutions which are presented and provided by our various international Technology Providers. Customer and market feedback inspire our Principals to enter ‘new’ or ‘existing’ market segments with complementary products. All of these aspects continue to be important cornerstones for the success of our business partners.

Industries we focus on:

Appliance Manufacturers

    • Tube bending and end forming machines (Transfluid)
    • Shell roll forming and welding (TTEngineering)
    • Class A inspection lighting for finished painted surfaces (Oligo Surface Controls)
    • Flexible metal liner production machines (Drossbach)

Automotive Interior & Exterior

    • Inspection for class A surface inspection (Oligo Surface Controls)
    • Color matching booth (Oligo Surface Controls)
    • Automotive paint facilities (Oligo Surface Controls)

Class A Stamping Plants

    • Buyoff stations and press exit lighting over conveyors for surface inspection (Oligo Surface Controls)

Chimney & HVAC Industry

    • Rigid liner roll forming and welding lines (TTEngineering)
    • Dual wall systems complete with wool preparation, stuffing, spacer ring production and assembly equipment (TTEngineering)
    • Elbow and T-section production (TTEngineering)
    • 3-D tube cutting machine (TTEngineering)
    • Damper assembly system automated (TTEngineering)
    • End forming lines and individual machines (flanging, flaring, roll forming, reduction) (TTEngineering for Chimney business – Transfluid for other markets)
    • Flexible liner machines (Drossbach)

Defense & Aerospace Industry

    • Tube benders and end formers for aero engines and other components (Transfluid)
    • Flexible Liner machines (Drossbach)

Hydraulic System Suppliers

    • Tube bending and end forming machines (Transfluid)

Ship Building

    • Cold tube bending (Transfluid)

Tube Production and Processing Companies

    • Short tube production system – roll forming and tube welding (TTEngineering)
    • Tube bending and end forming (Transfluid)
    • Tube packaging lines

Vehicle Exhaust Manufacturers

    • Short tube production system – roll forming and tube welding (TTEngineering)
    • Tube bending and end forming (Transfluid)