Global Business Support is the North American Representative for Oligo Lichttechnik GmbH. Oligo Surface Controls is a division of Oligo Lichttechnik GmbH. The company’s headquarters are located in Lenzen (Elbe), Germany, which is half-way between Hamburg and Berlin. Oligo Surface Controls is a world market leader of:

  • Inspection Lighting Systems which are heavily used by Automotive, Truck, Industrial, and OEM Parts manufacturers worldwide for tight-tolerance surface control and color matching quality inspection purposes. Oligo Surface Controls is a market leader in the Automotive & Heavy Truck Industries where high finish quality is a must. Current users include, but are not limited to: VW (worldwide), BMW, Ford, Daimler Chrysler, Audi ,Porsche, Karmann, Magna,Webasto, Thyssen, Peugeot Citroen, Renault, SAAB, Scania, Tower, Bugatti, Citroen, Skoda, Merck, and many more. Oligo Surface Controls Lighting Systems provide precision digital surface quality inspection control and color matching fault-detection capabilities. The inspection lighting is used heavily for inspection of raw metal, pre & post stamped parts, and final assembly inspection at extremely low defect tolerance levels. The systems provide substantial energy and testing efficiencies due to their automatic “dimmable” and “digital” surface-control optics which contain integrated and patented lens-prism optics with intelligent control systems. Oligo Surface Controls provides the highest level of color matching effectiveness via the use of automated “off-color” lighting. Other benefits of its unique design include: lower thermal load due to optimized housings, ergonomic working conditions due to low glare, and dramatically reduced electrical consumption and low maintenance costs.
  • AntiGlareLight – ABL (in German: AntiBlendLicht) is a patented aftermarket safety device and optical safety system for retrofit in every car, transporter and truck. Special light sensors provide motor vehicle drivers with a clear view which is not impaired by night time driving light effects. The automatic ABL light moves within a particular wave length spectrum, which guards the brain from premature fatigue and dangerous micro sleep. Licensing arrangements for OEM versions or large scale production of the ABL are available.

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Process Technology

Surface Inspection

Surface inspections during body-shell work or at the press demand an extensive understanding and full control of the challenges involved in these processes. Predominantly dead surfaces and components, which are often polluted by oil in varying degrees, and the existence of a wide variety of shapes requires technical solutions with a very high level of sophistication. At present Oligo Surface Controls facilitates both visual and automatic fault detection. Application solutions offered at the single workstation or at the assembly line optimize and increase productivity for production processes significantly. Due to a wide range of individual optics all surfaces, such as plastics, steel plates, aluminum, painted surfaces, glass and foil are visually assessed. Each type of optic is equipped with optical systems which have been especially developed for their individual visual tasks. With the help of these optical systems an optimum illumination of the manufacturing process can be achieved, which is essential for the detection and correction of faults.

Color Matching

The color matching process is based on the principle of ‘off-color’ reinforcement. Each color takes on the color of the wave length, which it reflects the most. To the human eye minimal differences between similar colors are hardly noticeable. Vehicle components which seem to match in colors under artificial lighting conditions show marked differences when they are viewed under daylight conditions.

Color Control System

Either a robot or a tripod with a colorimeter is employed for color measurement depending on the application. In order to detect potential color differences the colorimeter head first measures the light reflected from the master sample from different angles using light produced by a reference light source.

Flat Scan

The flat scan-system is a measuring method which detects very small defects in body shell work, such as pits, dints and dents with a level difference of more than 5um. The system consists of several LED optics, which are positioned on a circle segment above the object to be inspected. This allows for 100% control of differently shaped components while the production process is in full swing.

Finish Scan

Automated testing of paint surfaces. Automated color tone measurement and worldwide color tone management.


Many of the company’s product capabilities are based on software (versus hard coded), which allows for incorporation of updates and enhancements quickly and efficiently.

Vehicle Modules

Oligo Surface Controls’ Antiglare Light – ABL (in German: AntiBlend Licht) sharpens your perception in the dark!