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Global Business Support is the North American Representative and Sales/Service Center for Schleifstein Maschinentechnik GmbH (SMT) headquartered in Siegen, Germany. Located in the heart of Germany and Europe, Siegen is the hometown for a large number of metal processing and machine manufacturers. This location provides the infrastructure to support SMT’s business needs and recruitment of local and global talent to service its customers. Schleifstein’s trademark for quality has continued since its inception in 1896. SMT’s product range today is the result of 100 years of experience and specialization. Schleifstein stands for highest quality, heavy-duty machines. SMT is the global technology leader in its market place. Customers worldwide rely on Schleifstein’s reliable and innovative solutions for metal processing and automation.

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smt | Tank Head Manufacturing

The most advanced dishing and flanging technology for the manufacturing of tank and vessel heads

  • dishing presses
  • dishing manipulators
  • flanging machines
  • head-edge beveling attachment
  • head edge beading machines
  • head-edge grinding machines
  • head-grinding machines
  • dies and accessories

smt | Ship Building Technology

The most flexible technology for manufacturing ship outer panels

  • ship building presses
  • crane manipulators
  • roll press units
  • forming dies and accessories

smt | 2D / 3D Segment Manufacturing

Segment presses are designed for the efficient manufacturing of sheet metal segments.

  • Segment presses
  • Crane manipulators
  • Dies and accessories

smt | Surface Technology and Press Shop Automation

A single source for cleaning | oiling | conveying | handling

smt | cleaning technology

  • blank washers
  • coil washers
  • degreasing machines
  • special cleaning systems
  • roll service
smt | cross brush cleaners

As an alternative to the washing machines (wet washing procedure) SMT’s newly developed dry cleaning machine is designed in particular for the use in press shops

smt | oiling technology (spray lubrication systems)

As much as needed and as little as possible…for many years SMT has consistently developed specific, minimum use of deep-drawing media and avoided full surface oiling. SMT is the leading supplier for spray lubrication systems in the automotive industry.

smt | Conveyor Technology & Automation

Safe and reliable: SMT cleaning and oiling machines are typically integrated into automated systems. SMT supplies the individual components and seamlessly adapts to every system. This flexibility and major strength applies to new production lines and retrofit of existing production lines.

smt | Cutting Technology

Special shears for difficult requirements:

  • guillotine shears
  • circular shears
  • coil cutting lines
  • sampling shears
  • double cutting shears
  • forming cut shears
  • round blade shears
  • side-cut shears
  • cut-to-length lines
  • cutting centers for rounds

smt | Engineering

Innovation from tradition: A global leading supplier in its niche markets SMT own its complete know-how and has demonstrated top research and development competence over the years. From the mechanical to the electric design, to machine controls, manufacturing and assembly, support for configuration of production processes, planning advice for manufacturing facilities, to installation and training; all from a single source.

smt | Service

The customer is the focus and SMT will support your machine and equipment throughout its life cycle. SMT equipment is known for its solid performance and longevity. A well trained team and a worldwide network of service partners, coupled with standard remote assistance and a reliable spare parts inventory are the foundation to ensure minimum downtime for SMT customers.

smt | Retrofit

SMT offers the retrofit of existing machines to state-of-the art modernization at a fractional cost of investment into new machines or equipment.