Schleifstein Press Retrofits at Your Facility

To this day Schleifstein Maschinentechnik GmbH (SMT) has implemented a significant number of bumper presses, manipulators and flangers at customer sites all across North America over many years. With many of these machines being 20 years or older SMT together with GBS have proposed and implemented a significant number of press retrofits at our customers’ plant sites. After thorough inspection of your equipment we will submit a complete proposal to strip down the press to where the frame(s) remain. With frames repaired and repainted SMT will then add a new high efficiency hydraulic system, which includes new pipe installation and a new Siemens S7 control system with new wires and a control cabinet. Cylinders will be replaced adding absolute measuring systems. This new feature enables the addition of automatic set-up and playback to the system. The retrofitted press is now almost new and provides you with increased productivity running at more than twice the speed. Up-time increases due to faster set-up times and better production quality is achieved. Call us if a press retrofit is something you would like to consider!