Global Business Support represents transfluid® Maschinenbau GmbH in North America. The company is a leading German supplier of tube processing equipment, such as tube bending, tube end forming, axial forming, tube cutting and cleaning. Fully automated tube processing cells with integrated robot or gantry technologies combine these various technologies to accommodate a customer’s unique production requirements. transfluid® tube bending machine capabilities range from small shop mobile benders to heavy duty pipe bending (up to 330 mm or 13” diameter). Many renowned tier one suppliers are using transfluid® equipment today. In partnership with transfluid® GBS now offers both tube production and processing systems.

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transfluid® machines

Pipe Bending Machines

Pipe bending made simple: With its comprehensive and efficient range of pipe bending machines, transfluid® offers unlimited bending options for all purposes. This range includes mobile pipe bending machines, compact and stationary mandrel bending machines and high-performance CNC bending machines.

Pipe Forming Machines

Whether used as a stand-alone process or in conjunction with bending, pipe forming is essential for creating perfectly customized pipes. Whether it is as a single process or an additional process to pipe bending, it ensures that your pipes are optimally matched. transfluid® offers a wide selection of high-performance pipe forming machines for this purpose.

Pipe Cutting Machines

Clean pipe cutting calls for precision. This is guaranteed by a range of transfluid® systems. Both, chip-less orbital cutting machines and the scarfing knife cutting process, are ideal for accurate trimming and provide for low-bur cuts. With both of these stages it is thus possible to further process the pipes directly after cutting.

Pip Cleaning Machines

Parts can be automatically cleaned both inside and out before or after processing. Pipe cleaning machines from transfluid® assure you of the highest level of cleanliness in tube processing and pipe bending. The machines allow for safe cleaning of the inside and outside of pipes and other parts before and after processing utilizing automated processes.

Automation System

Plug & Produce: Intelligent systems from transfluid® provide for optimal processes. Reliance on perfected, ready-to-run concepts for pipe bending and pipe forming, large scale serial production can be accomplished with great confidence. All transfluid® pipe forming machines allow for automatic loading and can be integrated into complete production cells.


  • Exhaust
  • Bending
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Steering Systems
  • Fuel Systems
  • Connection


Only the best results get the transfluid®-seal: Prior to delivery, every machine and every part have to pass many different quality control points. The company’s optimal reliability and its high grade of
 customer orientation are verified in international comparison.