TTEngineering Newsletter January 2017 – TTEngineering, Italy Tube rolling-welding-end forming Full factory for chimney pipe systems

Thanks to TTE patented Flex-former Technology it is possible to CNC roll form tubes between 75 and 500 mm diameter with only 2 rollers. Preprogrammed products of different size and shape can be roll formed in any required sequence without tool change or set up. Multiple blank pick and place stations provide the required sheet for this pro-cess. The 2-roller technology guarantees that there is now flat area around the weld seam area.

The machine can be supplied as a standalone roll forming cell (manual or automatic blank feed-ing from up to 4 sheet stacks). The finished roll formed tubing will auto-matically unload and fed to an exit chute. More than 30 machines are already working world wide. Visit TTE or cus-tomer sides to see it yourself!

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