Global Business Support is the North American Representative for TTEngineering srl (TTE). The company is a family owned business established in 1992 and is located in the Greater Milan Area in Northern Italy. TTEngineering specializes in production automation with a special focus on tube forming and welding. Tube applications include chimney pipes, vehicle exhaust tubes, catalytic convertors and tubes for fabricated wheels. TTEngineering also offers products and services such as industrial production automation, customized TIG/Laser tube forming and welding lines, automatic “T” extrusion and double wall solutions.

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Industrial Automation

The vast field of industrial automation has provided TTEngineering with many opportunities to gather experience and expertise in a variety of different technologies. The company has coupled this experience with its extensive technology background. This has equipped TTE with the know-how to design and build automatic machines and complete automated lines with very high working speeds, reliability and simplicity of operation. In the industrial automation sector TTEngineering has been challenged with a variety of requirements and operations, such as assembly, control, mechanical design, special welding and the use of a variety of special materials. Robotics is one very significant tool in this field. TTE’s expertise and professional talents have equipped the company to address the most difficult requirements its customers bring to it.

Welding Technologies

TTEngineering has acquired very specific welding processes knowledge utilizing several different Laser types, as well as TIG/PLASMA, brazing and much more. The knowledge of preparation and forming of production pieces ahead of the welding process as it relates to many different types of material is an integral and important cornerstone in TTE design and development.

Chimney Pipes

TTEngineering is known to its worldwide customers to be the “MARKET LEADER” in this field. The company has acquired complete know-how of the production process, standards and rules and is very familiar with the requirements of markets worldwide. TTE designs, builds and implements fully automated factories in this industry. The company works closely with its customers to solve ALL of their production requirements, including machinery, lines, etc. TTE provides all the training for the operators and addresses all issues relating to the product itself.


TTEngineering’s industrial experience and knowledge of analytical processes has also been applied to the automotive industry. This industry demands a high standard of quality and reliability for its products.


Performance, accuracy and product care are the most important customer demands in this industry. TTEngineering’s customers expect a high degree of reliability of its machines and high standards of control for each phase of the production process.


By definition the cosmetic industry requires maximum care and attention to its products and demands a very high standard of production. Considering the delicacy of the product it is important to analyze and study the requirements to provide the correct solution.

Material Distribution Technologies

In the design and manufacture of machines and automatic lines TTE customers have had the requirement of spreading hot and cold glues soluble in water and/or in solvents on a variety of different base materials. TTEngineering has extensive knowledge in this field and is ready to apply its know-how to your requirements.